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Többrétegű szövet pneumatikus vágógép CCD kamerával

  • AKZ 1625d | 
Lead time:
10-18 working days
Customized features:


Model  AKZ1625 AKZ1825
Max. Cutting size 1600*2500mm 1800*2500
Power 11KW
Multifunction Tool Head Oscillating straight knife/Round knife/pneumatic knife/identification roller/ marker pen holder/puching hole device/V-groove cut tool/CCD camera/tangential knief/ drilling tool/projector/etc.
Security Device High sensitive infrared induction
Cutting speed Max. 1200mm/s (can be set up according to different materials)
Movement speed Maximum 1500mm/s
Cutting material Corrugated paper, PVC expansion sheet, kt sheet, thick foam, gray board, paperboard, car sticker, adhesive Sticker, etc.
Cutting thickness Maximum 20mm (set according to different materials and tools)
Material fixing method High power vacuum absorption with felt
Repeated positioning accuracy ±0.05mm
Mechanical Precision Maximum 0.05mm
Drive system Taiwan Delta servo motor, Taiwan PMI linear guide rails
Control system Chinese Brand RD control system
Data transmission method USB port or Ethernet
Support file DXF,PLT,AI,SVG,PDF,NC,DST,DSB, etc.
Operation environment Temperature 0-40℃, Humidity 20%-80%RH
Voltage 380V/220V/50Hz/60Hz

Basic Features

Pneumatic oscillating Tools

Pneumatic oscillating Tools

The Pneumatic oscillating Tools is an air-driven tool particularly well suitable for cutting tough.dense materials but can also handle soft,thicker ones, for example foam.


The projector is mainly used to project cutting graphics, which can adjust the cutting position according to the projection, and realize fast and accurate visual cutting.Recommended for use with industrial CCD

Big CCD industry camera

Big CCD industry camera

The industrial CCD camera is mainly used for the collection of material information (Patterns and shapes). It is professionally used for the rapid information collection of irregular materials or materials with printed patterns to achieve fast and accurate cutting.

Rectification Roller frame

The rectification fabric frame can adjust the auto feed direction and speed of material, to ensure the accuracy of joint. Can be use on machine with auto feeding system

Rectification Roller frame

Automatic lamination

Lamination for multilayer fabric(cloth). ensure the vacuum pump suck all material on table



Cutting work of Leather, various garment flexible materials, KT board, Chevron board, honeycomb board, car stickers, adhesive, photo frame paper, gray board paper, corrugated paper, EPE foam, PVC board, acrylic sheet, thick foam, composite materials etc.

Multilayer fabric pneumatic cutter with CCD camera

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