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Small size precision fiber laser cutting machine

  • AKJ1390F | 
  • AKJ6040F | 
Lead time:
10-18 working days
Customized features:


NO Description Parameter
1 Model AKJ 1390F AKJ 6040F
2 Working area 1300*900mm 600*400mm
3 Cutting thickness Depends on different metal
4 Laser power 500w/750w/1000w/1500w
5 Laser device Raycus/IPG
6 Laser wave length 1080nm
7 Transmission system Imported TBI ballscrew
8 X.Y axis location accuracy ±0.01mm
9 X.Y axis repeat location accuray ±0.01mm ±0.008mm
10 X.Y axis max moving speed 30m/min 40m/min
11 Max cutting speed 1-16m/min
12 Min cutting line with 0.02mm
13 Machine area size 2300x2100x2050mm 1780x1270x1900mm
14 Working voltage AC220v±10%,50/60HZ
15 Applications metal Stainless steel; Carbon steel; Iron;Aluminum;Copper,etc.
16 Max acceleration 0.5G
17 Max load-bearing of work table 500KG
18 Power consumption of whole machine ≤11KW
19 Supported file format BMP,HPGL,PLT,DST,DXP,and AI
20 Driving system Japan Panasonic servo motors
21 Cooling type Water-cooling by chiller
22 Transmission mode Grinding precision ball screw drive
23 Laser control software Shanghai Cypcut with handwheel
24 Compatible software CorelDraw AutoCAD Photoshop

Basic Features

Fully enclosed design

Fully enclosed design

The window adopts an European CE standard laser protective glass,ensure the operator's safty and avoid the somke.

Aviation Aluminum Gantry

It is manufactured with aerospace standards and formed by 4300 tons press extrusion molding. After aging treatment, its strength can reach 6061 T6 which is the strongest strength of all gantries.

Aviation Aluminum Gantry
Raycus laser generator

Raycus laser generator 

Raycus has an efficient and professional R&D and production team. The single module CW fiber laser series not only can  meet diversified demands of customers to the greatest extent,but also provide personal customization service. Now laser output connector is QBH,with multiple control modes.

WSX brand cutting head

The internal structure of the laser head is completely sealed to avoid dust contamination on the optical part.dopts two-point alignment, and the focusing is adjusted by cam structure accurately and conveniently.suitable for various kinds of laser source with QBH 
WSX brand cutting head
HIWIN Guide rails

HIWIN Guide rails

Rail works with slider ,drive the machine move ,with good bearing capacity.y

Japanese Yaskawa Servo Motor

Y axis 1.8KW,X axis 850W.Faster speed with signal feedback .Low heat radiation .Run smoothly at ultra-low speed.Reduce the vibration ,avoid oscillation .Efficient torque enhancement .

Japanese Yaskawa Servo Motor
All axis ballsrew transition

All axis ballsrew transition

To prevent the cutting line deformation caused by the Y-axis screw bending, the Y-axis on both sides have been equipped two rails guide and double ball drive screw design to ensure the straightness and arc degree when with high-speed cutting is in operation.



Precision fiber laser cutting machine fiber laser cutting machine is good at processing on common metal items in daily life such as advertising metal letter, kitchenware, environmental protection equipment. Laser cutting machines are widely used in electronics,

electrical, mechanical hardware, new energy lithium, packaging, solar, LED, automotive and other industries. Stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, copper, brass, silicon steel, galvanized steel sheet, nickel titanium alloy, inconel, titanium alloy, etc.

Precision fiber laser cutting machine

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