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Teljesen zárt lézer 2. asztallal és forgatóval AKJ1530FBR

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Lead time:
10-18 working days
Customized features:


1 Model AKJ1530FBR
2 Laser power 1000W/1500W/2000W/3000W/4000W/8000W/12000W(Optional)
3 Dimensions 4600*2450*1700mm
4 Working area 3000mm x 1500mm
5 Repeat positioning accuracy ±0.02mm
6 Maximum speed 120m/min
7 Max acceleration 1.0G
8 Max Cutting Speed 80m/min
9 Motor &driver Japanese YASKAWA  brand
10 Laser head Raytools
11 voltage 380V 50Hz/60Hz/60A
12 Weight 5000Kg

Basic Features

Heavy duty Frame

Fully enclosed design

With a fully enclosed design and exchangeable table. Safety. No Pollution.Time and labor costs saving.

Rotary axis for tube tubes

For cutting round pipes and square tubes. It adopts an electric clamp design on both sides and it can cut 20-200mm diamater's tube.

Heavy duty Frame

Heavy duty Frame

The strongest frame in China CNC machine industry. Thickness of rectangular pipe wall is 10mm, itself weights 4500 kg, increases the stability of the guide rail so as to effectively avoid the deformation of the bed. Lifetime is up to 25 years.

Aviation Aluminum Gantry

Light weight, high strength, no deformation. Molded and framed by integral steel mold and die-casting technology, light crossbeam enables equipment a high operation speed, improving processing efficiency and processing quality.

Aviation Aluminum Gantry
Raycus laser generator

Raycus laser generator 

Raycus has an efficient and professional R&D and production team. The single module CW fiber laser series not only can meet diversified demands of customers to the greatest extent, but also provide personal customization service. Now laser output connector is QBH, with multiple control modes. 

Raytool cutting head

The Raytools Laser Cutting Heads are released based onSwitzerland RAYTOOLS, which are suitable for medium and high power fiber lasers in industrial applications

Raytool cutting head

HIWIN Guide rails

HIWIN Guide rails

Rail works with slider, drive the machine move, with good bearing capacity.

Japanese Yaskawa Servo Motor

Y axis 1.8KW, X axis 850W. Faster speed with signal feedback. Low heat radiation. Run smoothly at ultra-low speed. Reduce the vibration, avoid oscillation. Efficient torque enhancement.

Japanese Yaskawa Servo Motor



Fiber laser cutting machine as one classic model, widely used in life, such as processing of stainless steel kitchenware, storage cabinetand other cabinets.Used for cutting a variety of metal plates, pipes (add pipe cutting device), mainly used in stainless steel, carbon steel, galvanized sheet, electrolytic plate, brass, aluminum,various alloy plate, rare metal and other metal materials.
Heavy duty fiber laser cutting machine AKJ1530F3

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