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New Heavy duty 3axis CNC Router

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NO Description Parameter
1 Model AKM1325 AKM1530 AKM2030 AKM2040
2 X,Y,Z Working Area 1300x2500x200mm 1500x3000x200mm 2000x3000x200mm 2000x4000x200mm
3 Spindle type water cooling spindle
4 Spindle power 3.2KW
5 Spindle rotating speed 0-24000rpm
6 Power supply 380v±10v,50/60HZ,3 phasaes
7 Worktable T slot table combined vacuum table
8 Operating temperature 5℃-40℃
9 Working humidity 30%-75%(without condensed water)
10 Woking precision ±0.03mm
11 System resolution ±0.001mm
12 Control configuration Mach3 control system
13 Data transefer interface ethernet
14 Graphic format supported G code; *.u00,*mmg,*plt,*.nc
15 Compatible software ARTCAM, UCANCAM,Type3
16 Net weight 1300KG 1700KG 1900KG 2000KG
17 Gross weight 1400KG 1820KG 2100KG 2200KG

Basic Features

3.2KW water cooling spindle

3.2KW water cooling spindle

Smooth body, not easy to rust;powerful and longer lifetime.water cooling ,low noise .0-24000 rpm ,ER20 collets 

Mach3 controller

Support Winxp win7 win10. doesn’t need driver installed. Ethernet connection ,working with computer .

HIWIN Guide rails

HIWIN Guide rails

Rail works with slider ,drive the machine move ,oil lubricated with good bearing capacity.

stepper motor NEMA 34 

Without A/D conversion, the digital pulse signal can be directly convertedinto angular displacement. Cheap and good performance ,function is to drive the axis movement as parameter setting.

stepper motor NEMA 34
5.5kw air vacuum pump

5.5kw air vacuum pump

The air between the workpiece and the worktable surface is extracted to form a negative pressure, so as to achieve the purpose of fixing on the worktable.AKM1325 needs 1 piece 5.5 kw pump ,AKM1530 needs 1 piece 7.5 kw pump .AKM2030 needs 2 pieces 5.5 kw pump ,AKM2040 needs 2 pieces 7.5 kw pump



Furniture: wooden doors, cabinets, plate, office and wood furniture, tables, chair, doors and windows. The wood products: voice box, game cabinets, computer tables, sewing machines table, instruments.

Plate processing: insulation part, plastic chemical components, PCB, inner body of car, bowling tracks, stairs, anti-Bate board, epoxy resin, ABS, PP, PE and other carbon mixed compounds.

Decorate industry: Acrylic, PVC,MDF, artificial stone, organic glass, plastic and soft metals such as copper, aluminum plate engraving and milling process.

Standard 3axis CNC Router

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